Our Goal

AOG strives to have the utmost quality and on time delivery, competitive pricing with an unsurpassed attention to our customer’s need.

AOG Accessories provides a one-stop shop and aftermarket solution for a wide range of commercial and regional aircraft Galley Equipment (ovens, coffee makers, boilers, faucets,heaters…), Oxygen Crew masks and Stowage Boxes, Accessories (toilets, flush, valves and controls, vacuum generators…), Power Generation (CSD’s, IDG’s, Engine and APU Generators..), Cargo PDUs, Hydraulics (Eng. and Aux. Hydraulic Pumps,Accumulators,..), Pneumatics (Valves, Engine Starters….) and Electrical Components (APU Starters, Switches, Lights…) aircraft galley equipment (ovens, coffee makers, boilers, faucets, oven controllers), oxygen crew masks, accessories (toilets, flush valves, flush controls, fluid flow transmitters, vacuum generators), and cargo PDU’s.

We are conveniently located 4 miles west of Miami International Airport.

AOG Accessories, Inc.

2549 NW 75th AV
Miami, FL 33122
United States

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Company Profile

AOG Accessories specialize in providing repair services covering equipment manufactured by many of the galley equipment and interior parts for major OEM’s. AOG is able to provide repairs from our FAA Part 145 and EASA approved repair station and has capabilities for dual release on equipment within ATA Chapters 25, 26, 35 and 38.

Our goal revolves in delivering a quality and reliable product with every repair to help reduce overall cost. We specialize, and have a focused approach to what parts we support; our experienced and well trained specialists repair these components to provide proficient, effective and dependable fault finding and modification. When combined with a modern, well equipped facility and a large and continuous investment in spare parts to ensure we have the right parts in stock that our customers can be sure of receiving the very best level of service and support.

With so many options available to operators when specifying galley equipment it often means even a small size fleet will have galley equipment such as ovens and coffee makers with multiple part numbers from many different manufacturers. With AOG’s varied capability list of hundreds of part numbers we can offer our customers a one stop solution thus allowing customers to deal with a single repair coordinator able to assist with repairs, spares and exchanges across all part numbers and manufacturers.

In addition, we offer flexible support solutions to meet customers’ needs including time and materials fixed pricing, flat exchange program and will always accommodate and tailor repair programs to meet our customer’s requirement.